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About Us

The Journey

There are stars on earth, but the intensity of their light differentiates them from each other. Tamika Joy, a bright shining star was given birth to the late Tammy and father Michael in a small town in Occoquan, Virginia where she spent her childhood. Many have talent but few get to bring something reasonable into reality with it. At the age of 3 she already started exhibiting her talent by standing in a chair on the pulpit singing her heart out to the congregation and imaginary audience.

Recognizing her talent and dream, she wasted no time following it. At the tender age of 6, she was already focused on becoming nothing else but that fantastic superstar with fans all over the world wanting to hear her sing and even meet her in person. Behind the picture of every great personality exists invisible people with significant influence. Growing up to become who she has always wanted to be, she was greatly influenced by the life of some successful artists such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Mary J.Blige and lots more.

The Experience

With diligence and persistence, a man can break through any chain without failing. Her success rate kept on increasing daily. She leads with a 7-octave range. One of the fantastic things about her personality is her ability to give thanks and honor to those deserving it. She gives credit to her uncle William “Bill” Crews for being a great coach to her while growing up.  At the age of 13, Tamika took her dream to an entirely different level as she started recording at a few local recording studios in the DMV.

Hardworking with focus and diligence always pays off in due season. Being in the music world since 1993, a breakthrough that leads to the beginning of fame came in when a family friend Arthur Jackson heard her. Continuing to record while honing the craft led Tamika to the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem New York in 1994.

Tamika cares to not focus on her past and wants a fresh start. Although she has shared the stage with so many artists in her career and looks forward to getting back on the stage with many more old and new.

A family is the most important thing to those who have them and know their value. In the year 2003, she went behind the scene in her quest to raise her family.

She did decide in 2005 to join DC’s legendary go-go band “Junkyard” for a short period. Her impact and influence earned her the position of the first lady in the crew.

The Message

She became the casting director for the Godfather of go-go Chuck Brown’s “Block Party” video in the year 2006. On her way of helping others rise to stardom, She started writing, producing, vocal arranging and singing background for the upcoming artist.

Inheritance is not just in wealth but in talent and character. In the year 2008, Tamika realized her daughter Treasure had the same desire she had at a tender age. She has shown the role of a good mother by helping her grow as a singer on a daily basis to whom she has desired to be.

Although now, this mom of 6 is not worried about being a “superstar” she just wants to not only share her voice but inspire others to do the same.

Book Tamika

Tamika Joy is now accepting booking gigs. Please fill out the form if If you are interested in Tamika performing at your event or concert.